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Novi album 50 Cent-a :Curtis

Pjesme sa albuma "Curtis": 1."Intro"

2."My Gun Go Off"
3."Man Down"
4."I'll still kill" feat. Akon
5."I get money"
6."Come & go" feat. Dr.Dre
7."Ayo technology" feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
8."Follow my lead" feat. Robin Thicke
9."Movin on Up"
10."Straight to the bank"
11."Amusement park"
12."Fully loaded clip"
13."Peep show" feat. Eminem
14."Fire" feat. Nicole Scherzinger & Young Buck
15."All of me" feat. Mary J.Blige
16."Curtis 187"
17."Touch the sky" feat. Tony Yayo